Departure Day Finally Ends

As promised, a continuation of the first day.  So many bars, so little time.  No matter, there are still 10 days in front of us. 😉  There doesn’t appear to be a ‘wine’ bar as there is on Princess, which, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing.  Arguably, the most specialized bar is the Martini bar.  So far today we have not been able to even get anywhere close to sitting near it.  The choices on a menu we did manage to glance at certainly holds promise.

Murano, the dining lounge of choice for this evening, is a ‘specialty’ restaurant.  Most notable of these is the extra price tag that goes with them.  The majority of food on any cruise is free, but more and more there are the restaurants that have an additional charge…I guess due to their exclusivity.  Murano charge is $50 per person (plus liquor).  On a more positive note, the price on the first day is 30% less so that … helps.

Lobster bisque and a wild mushroom cappucino followed by Diver’s Scallop Wellington style and Smoked Salmon with Peekytoe Crab parfait (Yep…that really is the name and even more intriguing, I never knew crabs HAD peekytoes).  The mains were potato laced French Turbot and Loupe de Mer (grilled Mediterrean Sea Bass).  We paired this with Mer Soleil Chardonnay (I gotta find this at home!!).  Was it worth the money?  Absolutely…even more so as the wine cost nothing. 🙂

Eating and drinking well on a cruise is difficult NOT to do.

After dinner we simply came back up to our cabin and crashed.  Too long of a day to do any more exploration or partying.  The ship is sailing and tomorrow will be here too soon.

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