Another Day Closer

The days don’t really fly by.  They do, however, come and go.  Keeping busy helps.

One of the things I have been trying to do is update this blog a little.  Hopefully you have been noticing a few minor cosmetic changes (and if not, I guess the word ‘minor’ is not quite small enough.)

Professional blogging is not my forte.  Although I have been accused on numerous occasions of being more than a little verbose (evidence surrounds this comment!!), putting it down in written form doesn’t come easily.  Aesthetics and I are not close friends so my pages may not look as pleasing to the eye as do other travel blogs. You won’t find my pages replete with advertising.  Overall simplicity has its own attraction…I hope.

Enough of me and my personal quirks…the real reason for my update is our upcoming trip. 🙂

Once again we set sail into parts of the Caribbean with stops at Grand Bahama, Key West, New Orleans (which includes a 3 night stay onboard the ship), Cozumel, and Costa Maya.  We start and end in Miami.  As mentioned we are flying in the same day as we are boarding the ship.  On our return to Miami we will be flying home that same day so this will be one of our shorter excursions overall.  Regardless, a cruise is a cruise is a cruise.  New sights will entertain our eyes, new flavors will tickle our taste buds and new experiences will enrich us.  I don’t see a problem.  Shorter is WAY better than not at all.  🙂

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