It was supposed to be …

Cruising The Rhine et al

… one of our bucket list items.  THE trip to Asia.  Long cruise followed by an almost as long land/river tour – all starting from Singapore and ending in Bangkok.  However, due to a set of unfortunate circumstances that still have me upset (but I won’t discuss here), our plans had to change.

A new vacation it would be and it was decided there would be no more looking back at what shoulda-been.  Onward and forward.  Time to re-check the bucket and find…a different type of water-based foray!  A river cruise!!

Having only ever been on the ocean-liner sized hotel it seemed like fate had moved this up in our list as something we needed to do.  And now, with only a couple of days to go, we have almost everything in place…at least as far as an itinerary is concerned.

Some new baggage (as some flight rules regarding size/weight have changed), re-check some existing to ensure compliance, bring them upstairs and start getting ready.  Our official countdown to departure has begun.

With some trepidation we have been closely following weather and river conditions in Europe.  A lingering heat spell has done much to challenge many river cruises in Germany.  The two biggest issues a river cruise can face have to do with water – either too much or too little.  Too much and the ships cannot get below many bridges that traverse their path.  Too little means sandbars and river bottoms play havoc with the hull.  At this time (a week before we actually get on the ship) river levels appear to be improving. 🙂

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