Only $500

So…after a year and a half of waiting for the ship to be built, we are now officially on our way.  Yeah…we booked a lot ahead of time, but got the room we wanted on the deck we wanted and where we wanted.  Anticipation has certainly played a big part in this holiday.

Our first leg starts with an overnight plane ride to London.  We’re leaving (soon) to the airport and will be boarding at approximately 9:50 tonight. The plane leaps into the air at 10:30 (at least that’s the pilots plan) at which time we begin our hurry-up-and-wait 8 hour flight to Heathrow.

Given the long flight and the time differential, we arrive at 2 PM.  One would think, leave at night, fly 8 hours getting some shut-eye along the way, arrive in the afternoon…should be good-to-go.

Maybe not so much.

Sleeping on a plane (without being in first class) is never an easy proposition.  Overall surroundings, not-made-for-long-term-comfort seats and a variety of ‘noises’ are not conducive to peaceful slumber.  However, regardless of whatever inconveniences, it’s the start of a fabulous vacation.  The lack of a little sleep should not be a real reason to complain.

I may choose to re-evaluate that statement tomorrow.  Check back then.

Ok….we ‘leapt’ into the air around 10:45.  Everyone boarded, no late arrivals, sat while we listened to normal ‘here are the exits, bathrooms and drop-down oxygen masks’ speech which brought about the delay, but no big deal.

In flight entertainment has certainly improved, especially on the delivery side.  Touch screen on the back of the seat in front of you, music, TV shows, movies…power connections for your laptop/tablet.  I think I’m getting old.

In a fairly shot time (11:30), dinner is served (pasta or chicken).  Ok…some things don’t change.  It’s still airplane food…and airplane wine.  We could have gone first class…it was offered to us for only $500.  Per Person.  Hmm…where we’re going I can buy a LOT of better wine for $1000.  Thanks…but no thanks.

Time for that sleep attempt.

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