Day Two – Soggy

Up at 7:00 to do the daily chores…shower, dress, etc.  Now we have rain.  Steady rain.  But it doesn’t require shovelling, chains are still not necessary and the trip has not yet begun in earnest.  So…do we care?  Nope.  After breakfast we intend to get to Kamloops before getting gas.  With a little luck, maybe it will be slightly less expensive there.

Well…a little luck was all it was.  And that’s being generous.  Out of three gas stations at one intersection (in Kamloops), we managed to pick the one that was 4 cents per litre less than the other two.  Not the world’s biggest bargain given that it was still 121.9/litre.  The rain continues, but it’s not pouring so it remains…bearable.  Traffic is still minimal so that helps as well.

On we go.  Uneventful but it’s just a sheer travel day.  The border crossing lacked excitement as well.  No cars being pulled out, no dogs going crazy, no guns drawn.  As vacation days go, it was somewhat boring.

Our drive down the I-5 brought us to Chuckanut Drive.  Now, this 34 km drive changed the day.  Two lanes that really should be one.  More curves than Baywatch.  Homes that are suited for 17-mile drive near Pebble Beach (although not nearly as easily viewed).  Tree-canopied sections that turned day into night.  Ok…maybe the day wasn’t quite so uneventful after all.  Mark it as a turn-off to take next time you’re in the area.

Our stay this evening (and for the next 3 nights) is at the Marriott Residence Inn in Bothell.  A two bedroom full suite.  It was more than we expected.  Yes we knew about it having kitchen facilities (didn’t know that included a microwave and garburator along with the sink, stove, oven, toaster, diswasher and fridge).  And we knew about the two bedrooms (didn’t know they both had their own 4 piece bathrooms).  Also didn’t know about the ‘wired’ free high speed internet in the room (although we knew there was wi-fi available in the common areas).   Finally we deliberately sought out an Inn that included breakfast.  What we didn’t know was that we also got supper tonight and tomorrow along with red/white wine and/or beer.  All included.

Ok…sometimes a plan comes together regardless of what you do.  Tomorrow is another day, hopefully without rain and full of more ‘events’.

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