Hi There Everyone at Home

Seattle to Alaska!

Slides, and the inevitable slideshows in Canadian living rooms that young children dreaded and parents politely suffered through, were early beginnings of sharing travels and experiences.  Polaroid instant pictures and pocket sized cameras made pictures easier to share as they could be used to create albums that didn’t need projectors or other such equipment.  Over time those same albums also became fabulous dust collectors holding faded memories.

Technology moves ever forward and now, with the digital world tucked in your pants pocket, sharing anything you do, anywhere you do it, has become nothing more than ‘click’, ‘send’.  With that in mind, this blog will hopefully become an interesting blend of ‘clicks’.  Maybe you’ll see something that will give you impetus to travel…or maybe you’ll just sit back to read for the enjoyment of reading.  The daily occurences and adventures that follow will remain just a small part of this overall journey – the appeal is what you make of it.

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