The Journey Has Begun

Finally…our departure day has arrived.  If I’m being totally honest, the first day is always filled with mixed feelings.  The waiting is over and the journey has begun but with it comes the realization that the end is also approaching.  As much as this is the same with anything (even life), I’ve never really grown accustomed to it.  Fortunately those feelings have yet to stop us from going. 🙂

The past month has been hectic to say the least.  Spare time (which has been minimal to begin with) has been eaten away, by family gatherings and friends visiting, leaving not as much opportunity to pack.  Conveniently we’ve done this once or twice before.

The biggest problem faced is weather-planning.  The UK has been going through a bit of a warm spell (to say the least) of late, so thoughts lean in the direction of it’s-going-to-cool-off-and-have-more-cloud-and-rain.  Cooler wouldn’t be a big deal…wet would certainly (ready for it??) dampen our spirits somewhat. 🙂

Regardless of the elements, we shall endure.  It is a vacation…meant to be spent savoring the sights, sounds, and seasonings.  And THAT we can do.

Todays flight accross the big pond starts in the early evening with our landing scheduled for 11 A.M. tomorrow morning in Gatwick.  In a perfect world, a sound sleep (after supper) on the plane would leave us awake and refreshed when we arrive.  And we all live in a perfect world, right?  Just to emphasize ~how~ perfect our world is, we recently found out that our flight (given our less expensive seat choice) does NOT include supper or breakfast.  Unless we wish to pay for same. No…we get ‘snacks and soft drinks/tea/coffee’.  Guess we’ll have to bring our own.

So being rested and well fed are not likely.  Inflight movies and our ever-present e-readers are the more believable routines.  However…I have a plan…

This update is quite short as there is nothing left until we land.  With a little luck maybe the upgrade fairy will remain by our side for a little longer and the flight will present us with some ‘extra benefits’?  We’ll let you know tomorrow.

Ta Ta For Now.

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