The Ship 2

Yes the time zone change reminder was on the pillow and yes it was read.  But, when not acted on, then breakfast might get…missed.  Especially when preceded by days of almost endless walking and fresh air.

Might, of course, is the operative word.  There are so many selections in every one of the 14 eating establishments, that missing anything is pretty much impossible.  A leisurely bite it is then off to see what there is to see.  Which, of course, requires more walking.

If you’ve never been on a cruise ship before, this one would be a heck of an introduction.  If you’ve been on a Princess ship in the past, you’re likely to pick this as your favourite.  The Princess slogan of ‘Escape Completely’ is definitely fitting and never more so than onboard the Royal Princess.

There are numerous upgrades that include a new category of stateroom – the deluxe balcony.  Not quite a mini-suite yet larger than a standard balcony room it provides the extra bit of space that makes the room that much more enjoyable.  An extra couch (that contains a hide-away bed if necessary), and nicer toiletries in the bathroom make longer voyages even more desirable.

Table tennis, a 9 hole mini-putt course, virtual skeet shooting, a virtual driving range, a basketball/volleyball/badminton court and a dance area between the pools (to help with the night time partying) are some of the various forms of recreation that can easily keep you tired. And heaven forbid we should neglect to mention Vines…the fabulous Wine Bar. 🙂

Pools, hot tubs, an adults-only sanctuary complete with rentable cabanas (that have their own variety of accompaniments), the Lotus Spa (because you need the mani-pedi, shave and a haircut/massage/acupuncture just to get you more relaxed).  it’s all around you and you never have to leave the ship.

Get onboard, unpack for the next X number of days and let this 5 star floating hotel take you from one amazing destination to another.

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